Do’s and don’ts of email marketing for the summer games

Using the 2016 Olympics in Rio arising in July, the Olympians and also Bob Costas aren’t the types who ought to be getting ready to be a part of summer time enjoyment. Using the Summertime Olympics for the e-mail marketing campaigns’ exhilaration is just a gold method to achieve your customers.

Before you begin preparing Olympic-crafted email promotions, nevertheless, it’s very important to understand there are certainly a number of guidelines regulating the usage of Olympics conditions, images, styles, etc., and any violation couldn’t just enable you to get kicked-off the honor podium but in deep-water.

This article provides you with a summary of the guidelines to check out, and provide some innovative methods you are able to take part in the exhilaration of summer time activities all while still complying with trademark and brand guidelines.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t an alternative for it is intended just being an introduction for entrepreneurs and being acquainted with the ruling guidelines.

A summary of the guidelines

To begin about the right-foot, it’s very important to realize that you CAn’t utilize any property of /or Paralympics and the Activities, if not imply your occasion/ad/marketing is area of the Rio 2016 activities that are established. This particularly forbids the usage of the next (equally for that present games and any games in the previous):
• The State Rio 2016 Olympic personalisation including logos, symbols, expressions, and much more
• The State Rio 2016 Paralympic personalisation including logos, symbols, expressions, and much more
• The Olympic bands
• The Paralympic Agitos
• The Olympic slogan
• The Olympic creed
• The Paralympic slogan
• The Paralympic creed
• The Olympic fire
• The Paralympic fire
• Historic pictures (logos of prior activities, mascots, pictograms, etc)
• The Appearance of the activities
• Mascots
• Pictograms
• Cards
• Medals
• Torches
• Standard items and product
• Guides and audio-visual items
• Standard designations and words (“Olympics,” “Olympic Games,” “Rio 2016,” etc.)
• Brazilian Olympic Board and Brazilian Paralympic Committee manufacturers
• Standard industrial or non commercial Rio 2016 manufacturers
• Guideline forty states that “Except as allowed from the IOC Executive Board no rival, mentor, instructor or standard who participates within the Olympic or Paralympic Activities might permit his individual, title, image or activities efficiency to become employed for marketing Reasons throughout the Olympic Games.” This guideline can also be the occasion before and following in position for 15 times.

Bear in mind the IOC facilitates discussion and dialogue about activities, however they do need that you simply follow recommendations and never infringe on the privileges of the state vendors.

To get a more extensive manual of all of the regulations, begin to see the established Manufacturer Protection Recommendations.

Do’s and don’ts of summertime activities e-mail marketing

These rules with all, it might appear a little difficult to start a strategy that is good. Fortunately, having a little bit of imagination, you possess a lot of choices that are advertising. And, considering 59% of individuals make use of a smartphone while viewing the Olympics, your incoming e-mail communications, which are completely on-topic, are destined to become obtained properly. Here are a few suggestions to assist you to.

Defeat the time marketing

­Do: Contemplate placing a countdown time in your store, site, as well as embedding one inside your mail. Allow your customers realize until period is up that you’ll just be operating the purchase. This encourages a feeling of emergency and exhilaration, compelling your visitors to purchase.
Don’t: Contact it an Olympics Countdown. Remember, the term “Olympics” in virtually any of one’s promotions’ use is strictly forbidden.

Emphasize the brand new

Do: are you aware the common activities of Kite-Surfing and Sevens Rugby are a new comer to summer time activities this season? Make use of the pleasure for this freshness to expose your personal notices that are fresh.

Don’t: Make Use of The Olympics to advertise your services or products by any means.

Starting service occasion

Do: Ask your customers to take part in a meeting as the beginning ceremony begins. Supply additional motivation giving a unique discount that describes this year’s concept to everybody.

Don’t: Recruit any unofficial Rio 2016 shows of the Opening Events.

Attract focus on ladies in activities

Do: Emphasize outstanding accomplishments by ladies in activities. Everybody loves tales about magnificent ladies in the activities, and featuring their accomplishments is a superb method to produce some beneficial information for the customers.

Don’t: Utilize any particular player, mentor, or instructor for marketing of one’s services and products.

Sponsor an honor purchase

Do: Market a summer-sale and provide 3-tiered pricing (Bronze, Magic, and Platinum) with your personal enjoyment and distinctive imaging.

Don’t: Contact it an Olympic Medals Purchase or utilize any pictures of present or prior medals.

Follow-up having a podium purchase

Do: follow-up in your Honor Purchase having a Podium Purchase. You will see lots of your customers who need to participate again and liked your Honor Purchase. You may even achieve customers that need an opportunity for additional savings and skipped your first purchase. Your savings can be presented by you on the podium with 2nd location pricing, 1st location pricing, and location pricing.

Don’t: Make Use of The encounters of any Olympic sportsmen or contact it an Olympics Purchase.

Proceed update insane

Do: Supply enjoyable updates…about your brand’s newest occurrences and also the current occurrences of the activities. It’s completely appropriate if you should be not marketing to statement.

Don’t: Operate a to really get your manufacturer linked to the Olympics.

Scorecard savings

Do: Provide A secret purchase in which a customer ticks in your present to expose a rating that decides the proportion down he/she may obtain.

Don’t: Utilize any Olympics pictures or possess the purchase make reference to the Olympics by any means.

Activities concept

Do: Use sports generally to advertise related items and/or actions. This is actually the ideal choice in case your company is associated with a particular summertime activity.

Don’t: Try To connect your items in to the Olympics, or make use of the Olympics to advertise your item.

Obtain fun

Do: Deliver information that’s fun. Including requesting fun concerns, utilizing forms, article images of one’s workers/items/providers having a good time and enjoying activities. This notion can be extended by you into your technique that is interpersonal aswell.

Don’t: Motivate Olympic crafted reactions from your own customers or neighborhood.

Obtain significant and start to become unique together with your Topic Outlines

Do: Cash your personal enjoyment tantalizing summertime topic outlines that display assistance of summertime activities.

Don’t: Provide particular words of assistance or plagiarize any branded Olympic lingo.


Do: keep in mind that most people are hyped-up concerning the activities, and you ought to do everything inside your capacity to place oneself in front of your competition. Furthermore, you should use this nature that is aggressive to operate your personal enjoyable contests.

Don’t: Operate a competitiveness for Olympics seats.


The Olympics now may be the time for you to consider just how to start an excellent summertime strategy and are nearly here. Remember you should use the exhilaration round the Olympics for the content while you ready your e-mail technique; you infringe on any described images and copyrights and particularly organized.

Best of luck and could your e-mail marketing be honor worthy!

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