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Inside this week’s newest and biggest online advertising and marketing information, content entrepreneurs talk about the use of SEO, the SEO and research neighborhood discuss linking strategies and notice a kinder, gentler Panda roll-out, whereas sociable media entrepreneurs discuss strategy and influence.

Enjoy this week’s selections!

Content Marketing

Lee Odden is featured with “Chicken or the Egg?   Lee Odden on SEO Content Creation” at OpenView Labs.

At the very first of a blog collection, Heather Lloyd-Martin posts “The search engine optimization content revolution is here. Are you ready?” At SEO Copywriting.

Uri Bar-Joseph posts “Google, Social & Content Marketing: Can We Measure Quality & Qualify Quantity?” At Search Engine View.

Avinash Kaushik posts “See, Think, Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework” at Occam’s Razor.

Neil Patel shares “3 Fast Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts” at Fast Sprout.

Lyndon Antcliff discusses “Why Linkbait and Content Marketing are Fundamentally the Exact Same thing” at Cornwall SEO.

Mark Schaefer posts a video meeting, “Intense content marketing with Julien Smith,” at grow.

Danny Brown’s Most Current Sunday Share includes SAP’s Michael Brenner’s “8 Steps to Construct Your Own Content Hub.”

Lee Odden shares “Essential Q and A on SEO & Content Marketing for Small Businesses” at TopRank.

Marketing Charts posts “Local Merchants Overwhelmed by the Collection of Available Digital Marketing Channels.”

Citing a new Conductor analysis, Nathan Safran shares “5 Statistics Insights to the Headlines Readers Click” at Moz.

Ayaz Nanji posts “The Most (and Least) Effective Search Phrases in Email Subject Lines” at MarketingProfs.

Joshua Giardino posts “The Behavioral Psychology Behind Bold Creative” at iAcquire.

Video Fruit’s Bryan Harris posts a video, “How Do Colors Affect Purchases?” At KISSmetrics.

Rachel McCombie shares “50 Great Content Ideas + Examples — part 1” at SEOptimise.

Katie L. Fetting shares “7.5 Tips to Becoming a Brainstorming Geniius” at Portent.

Gregory Ciotti posts “Best Practices at Conversion Rate Optimization Debunked” at Unbounce.

Discussing conversions, Heather Lloyd-Martin posts “Is your about us page a real yawner?” At SEO Copywriting.

Thibaut Davoult posts “I Your Industry Boring? Use Instagram to Create Your Organization Stand Out” at YouMoz.

Ardi Kolah discusses “Why Marketers Will Need to Practice Active Listening” at Vocus.

SEO MOmma shares tools for discovering trending content topics with “Content Creation and Curated Content.”

Pawan Deshpande posts “5 Tips Each Content Curator Needs to Write Better Calls-to-Action” at Content Advertising Institute.

Robi Ganguly discusses “Mobile App Marketing, App Retention, and Building Actual Customer Relationships” at Moz.

Cezary Tietrzak discusses “iOS 7 Implications for Marketers” at ClickZ.


  • BtoB is holding Digital Edge LIVE October 23rd at New York City.

(John Hall lists numerous excellent conferences for online marketers, companies, and entrepreneurs at Forbes).

SEO & Search

Barry Schwartz reports “Google Confirms Panda Update Is Rolling Outside: This One Is More ‘Finely Targeted”’ at Search Engine Land.

Schwartz also posts “2013: The Year In Google SEO So Far” at Advertising Land.

Daniel Cristo posts “SEO: The Future of Search Results” at Search Engine Journal.

Matt McGee accounts “Google Agrees To Settle Lawsuit Over Death Search Queries To Third Parties” at Search Engine Land.

Richard Baxter posts “We Must Not Care About PageRank” at SEO Gadget.

Citing a current Matt Cutts’ (Google Webmaster Assist) video, Barry Schwartz reports “Google’s Matt Cutts: Linking 20 Domains Together Probably A ‘Cross Linking Scheme”’ at Search Engine Land.

Google discusses exactly what it believes to be “Link schemes” at its Webmaster Tools Assist page.

Simon Heseltine posts “Google Webmaster Tools: A Summary” at Search Engine View.

Ann Smarty is featured with “About SEO & guest blogging: A smart discussion with Ann Smarty” at SEO Copywriting.

Jon Ball posts “Link Building begins with Research and Research is Nothing Without a Person Brain” at Search Engine Journal.

Jason Acidre shares “22 Link Building Tips from @xightph” at KaisertheSage.

Jim Boykin posts “New Free Tool, the Google Backlink Checker Tool to get Penguin & Disavow Evaluation” at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Kaila Strong shares “Post Panda & Penguin Recovery Tips to eCommerce Sites” at Vertical Measures.

Tom Schmitz takes us on “A Deep Dive Into Google’s Image Carousel And Knowledge Graph Results” at Search Engine Land.

Hardy Desai discusses “Getting Your Site Ready for The Knowledge Graph” at Search Engine Journal.

Thom Craver posts “Bing Autosuggest Expands to Carry on Instant Search, Knowledge Graph At One Fell Swoop” at Search Engine View.

David Amerland discusses “How ‘Social’ and ‘Semantic’ Move Hand-In-Hand” at Social Media Today.

Martin MacDonald posts “SEO is not dead, it only acquired a sibling” at his blog.

John Lincoln discusses “How Voice Search Is Changing SEO” at Search Engine Journal.

Thom Craver posts “Google Analytics Revolutionizes Advanced Segments” at Search Engine View.

Gemma Holloway posts “Universal Analytics and Cookies — The Total Guide” at Koozai.

Kristine Schachinger posts “SEO Cheat Sheet: 15 Common Oversights Located During Site Audits” at Search Engine View.

EMarketer posts “Getting the Most ROI From SEO.”

Ken Lyons discusses “How to Increase Conversions to Your Best (and Worst) Performing key words in 6 Measures” at Search Engine View.

Kristina Kledzik posts “The SEO’s Guide to Building a Great Mobile Site” at Moz.

Matthew Young posts “The Good, the Bad, and the Mobile: SEO Tips to Your Mobile Site Right Now” at Bruce Clay, Inc.

Chris Liversidge posts “Use Google’s Image & Mobile Optimisation Guidelines For SEO Advantage” at Search Engine Land.

Rebecca Murtagh discusses “Integrating Owned, Earned & Paid Media For Better SEO” at Search Engine View.

Barry Schwartz reports “Google: Authorship Bug Affects ‘ Few Websites,’ Actively Working On A Fix” at Search Engine Land.

Bill Sebald shares “Google+ SEO Tips For Your Regional Business Owner” at Greenlane SEO.

Citing recent comScore information, Jessica Lee reports “Bing Grows Hunt Market Share — at Yahoo’s Expense, Not Google’s” at Search Engine View.

Larry Kim posts “Has the AdWords Enhanced Campaign Apocalypse Been Cancelled?” At Search Engine Journal.


Social Media Marketing

Amy Gesenhues accounts “Social Media Use Growing Among Fortune 500 Listing With 77 percent Tweeting & 70% On Facebook” at Advertising Land.

Brian Solis posts “It is time for social media to develop” at Venture Conquer.

Jason Cormier posts “Social Media Competitive Evaluation: A Lesson from the Fashion Industry” at Search Engine View.

Annie Cushing discusses “LinkedIn’s Most Glaring Deficiencies And How To Get About Them” at Annielytics.

Rachel Kavanagh posts “PPC for LinkedIn, What is the Difference?” At Marketo.

Christian Karasiewicz discusses “17 Ways Advertisers Could Affect Facebook Graph Look” at Social Media Examiner.

Jennifer Horowitz posts “Banish The Boring: 12 Tips To Get Fan Pages” at Degree 343.

Merry Morud discusses “How To Setup New Facebook Reports” at Search Engine View.

Nicolette Beard posts “Social Media Strategy: Where to Start & Why” at TopRank.

“New Magazine in Social Media Examiner” News Social Media Examiner’s yearly information.

Danny Brown discusses “The Future of Social Conversations.”

Jon Morris posts “Influencing Social Awesomizers with Personalized Content” at Moz.

Stacey Miller discusses “Four Social Media Metrics Worth Measuring” at PRWeb.

Greg Jarboe accounts “Video Ad Views Surge to Record 20 Billion in June” at Search Engine View.

Carla Marshall posts “Track Your Best Videos With New YouTube Analytics Feature” at ReelSEO.


  • Social Fresh West 2013 will return to San Diego August 22nd along with 23rd.

(For an all-in-one listing and description of how social networking, content & inbound marketing and advertising occasions, check out Neal Schaffer’s “The 12 Greatest Social Media Conferences to Participate in 2013” at Social Media Today.)

Photograph because of George Lu

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Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Networking, Etc..) Archives

Marketing to millennials, sometimes called the generation, may be a shoo-in for decorative practices. Why? Millennials are happy to share.

This month’s “Social Studies together with Wendy Lewis” explains CTAs and how create them appeal to your social media audiences.

Back in April’s Edge, David Evans, PhD, MBA, debunks Internet marketing myths with reality checks.

This month’s “Social Studies together with Wendy Lewis” offers advice about the best way best to use the social media platforms which make the most sense for your clinic.

Back in March’s Edge, David Evans, PhD, MBA, discussions about how physician directories can help you accrue more individuals.

In the Feb. 2015 Shorr Thing, ” Jay Shorr discusses why societal media background checks on potential workers are crucial.

“Many cosmetic surgeons do not understand they are leasing their own websites. Before you consider any upgrades, make certain you have your site and all related materials, including content, images, and pictures.” David Evans discusses it from the September 2014 The Edge.

Is your PPC campaign really working for youpersonally? David Evans, PhD, MBA, offers five suggestions in this month, The Edge column.

Internet search engine marketing or public relations? What’s the difference and what is perfect for your needs?

Featured Articles

We have got a national “baby mogul” situation. Millennials have shot over. They’re calling the shots. They control the world of marketing (and thus, business) in their perches at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

The deadline for upgrading or creating your listing from PSP’s 2013 Buyers’ Guide will be February 26, 2014! Don’t miss out!

PSP is about Pinterest: Are you?

While cosmetic surgeons are not easy to offer patients the most current and best body contouring procedure, many may be falling behind when it comes to healthcare information technology.Has time come to go paperless?

Phoenix SEO, Phoenix Content Marketing

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Content Advertising Drives Top Organic Rankings, Web Traffic, and Record Revenue

We review the positive impact a three-year-long content promoting plan, developed and fully implemented by our staff, had on our customer’s ranks, traffic, and sales. Organic traffic more than doubled. First-page Google ranks have become rich; along with the customer is having record revenue months.

Read case analysis


We use a more profound, more considerate, more integrated approach to articles promotion and material distribution. Our content developers do not write a word, construct a infographic, produce a movie, or develop a case study until they have a complete comprehension of your brand, it is voice, along with your business goals. Our content staff has expertise in a vast array of verticals, including many where articles development can be particularly complicated, such as healthcare and technology.

Taylor Birchall

Customers have queries. Content should offer the responses.


The objective of content promotion is straight ahead–to strengthen or form an attachment between a potential or existing client and a business, manufacturer, its products or services. Content marketing is 1 path to forming these attachments. The attachment can begin high up in the purchase funnel, centered on generating awareness; or close to the base of the funnel centered on generating dedication and advocacy and raising repurchase intent. Most in the industry only focus on customer attraction and acquisition, but articles promotion should ideally be used through the entire customer lifecycle. Excellence in articles promotion requires a balancing of goals that are often conflicting, as goals associated with SEO; strengthening the meaning of a new; and driving user engagement often require different content strategies.


Successful content promotion also takes a real integration of a variety of functional areas, including copywriting, graphic layout, infographic creation, new strategy, movie development, SEO, analytics, sociable networking, and experience in CRM/inbound techniques and promotion automation platforms. Zion & Zion’s flat organization, collaborative culture, and providing each of content-related services in house facilitates development of exceptional, well developed content marketing initiatives for our clients which are both participating and on-brand. We then efficiently and efficiently disseminate that material to induce deep client engagement and prospects, and operate to cultivate those prospects through advanced marketing automation options.

A Few our Content & SEO Customers


Each one of the websites Zion & Zion designs are developed to follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. From website architecture to meta information, every aspect of our websites are all well thought out and calibrated so that the content has the ability to rank as high as you can. Whether desiring to rank well for local, national or worldwide search phrases, we start with keyword research and create a content plan tailored to facilitate success of our clients’ goals and aim the essential phrases that will offer the most value to our clients’ companies. After content is in place, we constantly monitor the traffic and rankings and look for improvements and additional relevant resources of traffic. By using the best resources and staying on the frontier of the SEO area, we give superior SEO strategies, results and insights for each of the clients we use.

Growth Advertising Toolbox 102: SEO Tools and Tactics

On this episode, Lukasz Zelezny shares a number of his favorite search engine optimization tools and strategies.

Lukasz is currently a London-based Best 10 Social Media Influencer at UK, who talks around the world at SEO and societal media conventions, and he is here today to share a few of his favorite search engine optimization tools and strategies.

Inside this episode, you will know:

  • what’s trending right now in SEO
  • Which Chrome extensions Lukasz urges for SEO pros
  • The best way to run a correct search engine optimization website audit
  • Tools which could help you to get more backlinks
  • And a whole lot more!

Tools and resources   mentioned in this episode:

Link with Lukasz:

Thanks for listening!

Growth Marketing Toolbox is a weekly podcast series exploring the  best growth  advertising tools and technology. You’ll hear candid interviews with the people who create, promote, and use these advertising tools.

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“SEO, Content Marketing, and Technology in EB-5”

“SEO, Content Marketing, and Technology in EB-5”

“SEO, Content Marketing, and Technology in EB-5”

“SEO, Content Marketing, and Technology in EB-5”

By: Richard Kristof, CEO, Investor Services Company of America; Marie Steel, Lead Website Guru, Investor Services Company of America

Today, a high-quality, responsive website isn’t only an additional way to drive internet traffic however, the bare minimum required to stay competitive. Today’s websites need to offer distinctive and compelling content, delivered in an easy-to-read format, and they have to stand out from the crowd of other sites doing exactly the same thing. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization), together with a user-friendly website experience, can help businesses guide the perfect traffic to their sites, find the perfect audience for their material, and convert that audience into leads and investors.

What is SEO? The short answer: it’s a means of building your site’s content to ensure that if your target market searches for relevant subjects on the leading search engines, your website shows up at the very best outcomes.

How can you optimize your website? That’s somewhat more complex. Envision SEO as a game of soccer, just the end zone keeps moving on the area. Today, your website may show up because the number one result for “Regional Centers at Sacramento”; tomorrow you may be on the next page. Google and other search engines keep changing the algorithms that they use, and do not publish the full details of these modifications. Search engine optimizers spend hundreds of hours studying comparing and analytics search results to learn what SEO techniques work, what’s stopped working, and what activities may actually penalize your website.

Basic SEO:

Using key words, adding alt-tags to images, and including proper headers and footers are simple optimization techniques. They are all great things to do, but technical optimization alone will not necessarily be enough to stay on peak of the search results. Your competitors will also be working on revising their sites, enhancing their key words, and generating fresh contentall things that affect rankings. Remaining on the front page requires remaining educated about the most recent changes and additions to the leading search engine optimization.

One of the biggest challenges in EB-5 SEO is ensuring the target market is really able to find your website. Many countries use Google because of their primary search engine, however, some present EB-5 markets, such as China and Russia, rely on their own engines.

China, the biggest EB-5 marketplace, has built its Internet use round Baidu. The fantastic thing is that from a foundation functionality standpoint, Baidu has many of the same features as Google Analytics and the exact same primary processes for integrating tags. Utilizing Baidu Analytics, you’ll have the ability to keep your eye on your site’s performance, target completion and traffic flow in addition to measure your site’s performance against specific key terms. The tricky part will be selecting appropriate keyword phrases. If you’re targeting China, it’d be beneficial for you to become familiar with Baidu as a search engine. It provides an impressive set of tracking attributes, including present overall search styles and search tendencies by curiosity. Like Google, Baidu tracks tendencies, and that means you may not get specific results unless you’re especially measuring key words for your website, but tracking is a fantastic place to start your keyword refinement. When selecting keywords, it’s important to not just use the language of the targeted nation but also to double click circumstance. Particular phrases such as “EB-5” could just be seen through alternative versions like “EB5” or using another term altogether.

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An Combined Seo And Ppc Strategy

I babbled along, attempting this, and looking for, and getting nowhere! All I had to do is optimize my site. Enter Di, the procrastinator! I’d tried a lot of SEO tactics, just to find them completely futile, this at this point I started talking to ordinary joe. Hmmmm. I’d lost all my excitement and I had to have discussions with myself over every new “method” I found. Should I attempt it? Is it another waste your own time? Perhaps this will get the job done? Nah, do not be a sucker! Obviously, I dropped it!!! Does all this sound familiar? Well, I’d like an individual something. I finally regained my sanity and determined I was going to tackle this SEO monster head! I did!

Or you might want to select extensions depending on the type of your choice. Are you looking to have a new pick your online site? Simply pick the Design and Topics link and you’ll be sent several site its keep are thousands of topics that could potentially pick from. With so many choices, you’ll definitely find one particular will fit precisely the entire image that heading for. Learn about do is always to customize it a little more and you’re good appear. Or how about enhancing your site’s rankings through Consider it? Additionally, there are several SEO programs out there.

Alexa Ranking — an application used how your site performs in opposition to its competitors. Alexa Ranking is seen as the most precise tools to find how you site to outstand different sites.

Analyze the keywords — Keyword studies a significant role in marketing small. It will be merely a complete waste of money a person are select weak or insignificant keywords to all of your site. But you can identify how weak or powerful your key word really assessing it generated from your own SEO utensil. You must think the customers’ side in picking the keywords. Are usually several many so as to examine a definite keyword the SEO power tool. It’s possible to check the world Monthly search, Local Monthly search numerous the essential statistical information of this key word.

The keywords you target should likewise not get in excessive enemy. In case the term running sneakers has 100 million competitors, you should probably update your keyword pick. You have to be effective at locating a word that’s specific and has competition as possible beat. Fortunately for you, you do not have to get this done on individual. There’s a great tool that cost nothing which find keywords related to yours that may not have as much competition. The application is deemed Good search phrases and rrs incredibly useful patterns your Link building.

So, exactly what search engines have to say of their search engine success? Never attempt artificially boosting your rankings. Do not participate in link harvesting. Do not buy links. Do not stuff your text with keywords merely to get higher positioning. In conclusion — do not interfere their particular function to supply relevant and useful information to consumer.

Just just how do you select the great tools to enable you to in your work? The first issue is to consider what you’re around. Are you looking promote a website with online web sites including Twitter? Or are you attempting to write posts cause a site to the ideal area of the various search engines? All of it depends in relation to your own tasks to that which tools you opt to be able to so as to achieve items.

Become a Complimentary Tumblr. Offer to site for businesses. Blogging is fast-becoming a significant link building approach for online manufacturers. There are dozens and dozens of small companies that could benefit from an expert site however, do have never the resources to use a full time worker.

Well, you’ll be agreeing at the moment which you might want to do some original study at first to receive the content and feel of the site and advertising materials just directly to cater to your unique related to potential clients. This is the easy bit. Getting the targeting just right is remainder.

I am hoping that the next few paragraphs was of value for youpersonally, and that I thank you for your time study it. I am much honored that you’ll do so. If you have comments or suggestions, I’d also to be able to hear folks.

5 Best Tips for Optimizing Your Amazon PPC Marketing and Advertising Campaign

If you have not realized it, Amazon PPC marketing can be a rewarding strategy.

Ever since it in 2014, Amazon was asserting its position among the significant digital advertising players.

The e-commerce giant has a far to go so as to catch around Facebook and Google’s established duopoly.

That said, it is quickly proving to brands and marketers that Amazon advertising can be a rewarding strategy.

Think about the fact that believe the merchant can alter the power dynamic of the digital advertising world.

Additionally, its Q3 2017 earnings report signaled a following taking in $1.12 billion.

Promotion on Amazon has its own advantages especially considering recent revelations about consumer behavior when it comes to product searches:

  • In 2016, a poll of internet U.S. shoppers disclosed that to begin their product searches.
  • 9 in 10 of those surveyed from the 2016 study said that they use Amazon to check a product that they found on another merchant’s site.
  • A 2017 UPS study of 5,000 consumers within the course of a single quarter revealed that , compared to 15% that started with Google.
Amazon PPC marketing - where consumers start their search

Image source:

Because these numbers demonstrate, Amazon has significant advantages for brands.

So as to take full advantage of what this online merchant offers, you want to start an Amazon marketing plan, or maximize your existing Amazon PPC marketing campaign.

Here are five ways you can better your Amazon advertising and get to the best of product search outcomes.

1. Organize similar goods together into a Amazon advertisement group

Maintaining business on your Amazon advertising campaign starts at the ad class level.

It is here that you’re able to specify a structure that is both easy to understand and is convenient for optimisation.

Once you’ve decided about the goals you’d like to attain from Amazon marketing, putting similar goods together into a single advertisement group ensures that they look in any relevant searches.

To be able to choose which products should look, organize them by key words.

Therefore, whenever someone searches for a few of your things, some contextually related ones would also appear.

Therefore, you improve your odds of conversion and upselling.

Amazon PPC marketing - ad group

Remember that products inside an Amazon ad class may share similar search phrases, but vary considerably in cost.

This difference in cost margins means getting extra caution as you monitor and optimize your Amazon PPC marketing plan.

Additionally, it means determining your target Marketing Cost of Sales (ACoS).

Instead of constantly aiming for a gain, you could get an ACoS to simply break so as to advertise your new in search rankings through increased sales.

Vying for a that are just beginning to advertise on Amazon and also have a greater demand for achieving a higher ranking in search results.

2. Conduct keyword research to create your Amazon marketing more relevant

Like web SEO, Amazon SEO relies on how important a item relies on a customer’s search.

However, unlike web SEO, Amazon’s A9 algorithm determines relevance based on how likely the consumer is buy the item.

Amazon PPC marketing - keyword search


In the:

“One of A9’s tenets is that value is in the eye of the customer and we do our best to find the best results for our users. . .We always evaluate them [our rank algorithms] utilizing human judgments, programmatic analysis, key business metrics and performance metrics”

Concerning key words, this usually means that they’re still valued as Amazon as an indicator that your product will probably be desired and relevant to the customer searching for this by context (vs brand name).

Using tools such as , , and to understand what key words they use, you can establish the key words that best match your Amazon PPC marketing campaign.

As prove, the ideal keyword research and targeting can yield gigantic results.

By using the automated key word recommendation tools on the AMS system to run on over 80 relevant keywords, the business got 35 million ad impressions in just six months and also enjoyed a 500%+ ROI.

3. Understand the difference between Amazon advertisements SEO and Google SEO

As we merely alluded to in the former point, Amazon’s A9 algorithm operates differently compared to net SEO.

One of the largest differences is that Amazon marketing SEO doesn’t take backlinks/outside hyperlinks under consideration whatsoever.

Additional Elements in product listings that subject into Amazon but not search engines comprise:

  • Sales quantity (aka Sales Rank): The more sales a product contains, the higher it appears, as it is an indicator of consumer satisfaction and functionality.
  • Client testimonials: More customer testimonials = better rankings.
  • Price: A lesser cost point raises a new standing on search pages because a customer is more inclined to buy a more affordable product that maintains good evaluations and testimonials.
  • Conclusion of product listing: The more information you fill out and also the more keywords you get in the item areas, the more favorably the A9 algorithm looks upon your list.

By knowing what things to Amazon SEO, you can build a optimized Amazon PPC marketing campaign that provides your record the very best opportunity for success.

4. Create Amazon ad groups that range in key word generality

Depending on how many products you are advertising on Amazon, the number and specificity of key words will be different.

To be able to keep up a degree of business and monitor your key word bids, create Amazon advertisement groups based on key word specificity.

For example, if you sell Many Different coats you will likely cover the following areas of the overall and specific key words:

  • Children’s coats
  • Girls’s raincoats
  • Men’s parkas

For every one of them, create another advertisement set.

Ad Place 1: General key words encompassing “children’s coats” and all of similar phrases (e.g. children’s coats, coats for kids).

Ad Place 2: More specific key words focusing on “women’s raincoats” (e.g. “rain gear for both women”, “women’s rain coats”)

Ad Place 3: More specific key words focusing on “men’s parkas” (e.g. “men’s winter wear”, “men’s winter jacket”)

5. Track your Amazon marketing results and adjust so

As with almost any other digital advertising campaign, Amazon advertising requires careful data tracking and assessing results.

Just by tracking results and testing will you maximize a campaign and achieve even greater success.

One area of your Amazon PPC marketing campaign you need to track closely is your CPC bidding.

Amazon PPC marketing - analytics

This may differ for each key word, but the Exact general principles apply for everybody:

  • If the ACoS is above the target value, reduce the bidding
  • Whenever the ACoS is under the target, increase the bidding
  • If key words aren’t generating any earnings or impressions, Consider raising the CPC bidding to create them become active
  • If that within a longer period of time, nevertheless the key words have contributed to no conversions, Block the bidding

When results are followed closely and leveraged for optimisation, they could enhance Amazon marketing campaigns immensely.

In the , they used the AMS real time keyword tracking tools and functionality reporting to improve their Amazon ads.

Then they used this info to pause, increase, and reduce bids; they targeted new key words; the newest cloned campaigns that were working.

Consequently, Baggallini earned over 5X ROI with their Amazon PPC promotion plan.

To get the absolute most out of your Amazon campaign and have the best tools available, partner with an .

Though AMS provides some tools to marketers, a professional agency will have the expertise, tools, and knowledge of Amazon advertising best practices that will help you launch and maximize the best campaign.

SEO News 2018 — Content Marketing & Co..

SEO unterliegt einer permanenten Veränderung — Content Marketing wird immer wichtiger

Eine SEO-Agentur kann helfen, erfolgreiche Suchmaschinenoptimierung zu betreibem. (Bildquelle: © Sashkin — Fotolia)

Unternehmen und Webseitenbetreibern ist bewusst, wie wichtig es ist, Veränderungen im Bereich der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) zu beobachten. Die eigene SEO-Strategie ist nicht in Granit gemeißelt, sondern unterliegt vielmehr einer permanenten Veränderung. Vor allem das Thema Content Marketing rückt seit einigen Jahren immer stärker in den Fokus. “Das Internet verändert sich stetig und genauso auch die Vorlieben der Nutzer. Immer häufiger werden Käufe online abgewickelt, Webseiten werden vermehrt über Smartphones und Pills abgerufen. Um sich über alle Entwicklungen hinweg ansprechend im Netz zu präsentieren und erreichte Top-Positionen bei Google nicht zu verlieren, sind regelmäßige Anpassungen des eigenen Onlineauftritts notwendig. Why was auf formaler Ebene durch die Umstellung auf das Responsive Design gelingt, sollte inhaltlich durch Maßnahmen im Content Marketing berücksichtigt werden”, meint Dr. Thomas Bippes von der SEO-Agentur PrimSEO.

Co. erkennen & Entwicklungen von Google und rechtzeitig reagieren

Zum Content Marketing werden alle relevanten Inhalte Ihrer Webseite gezählt, was längst über hochwertige Texte und einzigartige Bilder hinausgeht. Diese bilden weiterhin die Grundlage einer ansprechenden Webseite, allerdings sind weitere Medien wie Pictures, Zusatzinformationen in Websites oder die direkte Kommunikation mit Nutzern und Kunden über soziale Netzwerke ebenso relevant. Experten verstehen diese Maßnahmen nicht als einzelne Facetten des Marketings sie zu einem schlüssigen Konzept zusammen.

Wie eine SEO Agentur beim Content Marketing weiterhilft

Vielen Firmen ist nicht bewusst, welche Inhalte individuell für eine Content-Marketing-Kampagne geeignet sind. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit einer SEO Agentur erhalten Sie wertvolle Impulse, wie Sie alte und neue Kunden mit spannenden Inhalten begeistern und hierdurch die Basis für eine natürliche Suchmaschinenoptimierung schaffen. Neben der reinen Beratung führt die SEO Agentur gerne die Zusammenstellung geeigneter Inhalte durch und erarbeitet für Sie langfristig angelegte SEO-Strategien. Mit dieser dringen Sie nicht nur in die vorderen Positionen von Google vor, vielmehr können Sie erreichte Rankings einfacher aufrechterhalten.

PrimSEO — Online Profilmarketing und Online Medizinmarketing. PrimSEO setzt auf Content Marketing durch Online Pressemitteilungen. Die Zukunft der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) liegt im inhaltlichen Bereich. Nur wer hochwertige und einzigartige Inhalte zu bieten hat, und wird auch in Zukunft eine Rolle in der organischen Suche bei Google & Co. spielen.

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