SEO basics: What’s content promotion?

Marketing is composed of all advertising activities that focus on generating and sharing information. It needs to be a part of every SEO strategy, but it’s also essential for branding. The notion of content promotion is that sharing information that is valuable is a fantastic way to attract an audience and also to build a new brand.   Blogging is one of the most famous methods of content advertising. In this informative article, I’ll explain how you should establish a content advertising strategy and what content promotion is all content promotion is important for SEO.

What is content promotion?

Sharing information free of charge is the very essence of content advertising. Your audience will benefit from the advice and will appreciate you and your company as experts in a particular  field. Your experience will be the reason why people will buy your products or services.

In Yoast, content promotion is one. We share our knowledge. We write about SEO on our site and discuss this on Social Media and in our newsletter. And though it might feel conflicting, giving away our knowledge has a very positive impact on the earnings of our eBooks and courses. Our audience perceive us as specialists (probably through all of the blog post we write) and are willing to pay money to get more of that knowledge.

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Why is content marketing crucial for SEO?

Writing content is a key element of Search Engine Optimization. Google reads your text, indexes the text and ranks it. In the event you do your content promotion correctly, you may write a good deal of copy related to the conditions that your audience is looking for. Since you write more blog articles your website will pop up more and more frequently. Overall, your rankings will go up, when you get started doing content advertising. And, these new visitors all are prospective buyers. Therefore, along with increasing the traffic, content promotion can increase your sales as well.

How can you establish a content advertising strategy?

Be sure you think about base content  when you’re preparing a brand new content advertising strategy. You need to have about 4 or five posts which are valuable to your business, you and your audience. These posts should be informative posts or pages.   When you have written these posts (and needless to say, you can add stuff and shift them over time!) , you need to write plenty of additional blog post about subjects much like these cornerstone articles. Make sure though, you write each of those blogpost from about another subtopic or another angle. And don’t forget   to link to some cornerstone articles from such blogposts.

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