The Way to Contain SEO and PPC Together

The two SEO and PPC have their benefits and disadvantages. Even though SEO costs significantly less and is more sustainable, it is far more challenging to draw traffic and to keep yourself updated with the content requirement.

And while PPC helps correctly target the perfect audience and positions you prominently you might need to make a larger investment and also compete with other advertisers at a bid war.

Thus, if you wish to push sales, it is crucial that you integrate the two rather than conducting different campaigns at periods. Content entrepreneurs can effectively enhance their brand’s visibility, which will boost traffic as a result. Greater traffic means a better chance to drive traffic. Plus, mixing PPC efforts and your SEO will be able to allow you to cut costs.

In reality, a case study by Adept found that an integrated SEO and PPC campaign to get a B2B marketer increased organic sessions by 55 percent. The marketer also encounter a 48% boost in earnings, achieving 223% ROI in their paid search campaign. How exactly will you integrate SEO and PPC to enhance your earnings?

Utilize PPC Data to Optimize Organic Content

During the beginning phases of your PPC campaign, you experiment with broad match modified keywords to make certain that your advertisement shows up in almost any search containing your target keywords. By way of example, using “+toaster +secure +skillets” will display your advertisement in all of the searches which contain the 2 key words in any order.

By taking a closer look at what search terms people are using if they click on your own ads, you can acquire useful information regarding user intent. In other words, you can understand what the target audience is searching for. You’ll then be able to use this data to optimize your content advertising plan.

Gather the top-converting key words that are longtail from your PPC campaign and use it to optimize natural content. This will not just help you rank organically to your relevant keywords and phrases, but also draw the relevant audience by offering them with the information they need.

By way of example, let’s say that a lot of folks that click on your advertisement to get cast iron skillets had searched for “best types of skillets for toaster”. In cases like this, you might want to publish a piece of content which will direct shoppers to pick skillets’ best types based on their condition that is cooking. It might attract, in case the content is valuable enough.

Additionally, this may end up being a huge advantage for you, as many of your competitors may not be publishing this kind of content nonetheless. Even in the screenshot below, that showcases the top natural results for “finest types of skillets for toaster,” Abt is the sole ecommerce retailer which comes up. The rest are sites and publications associated with cooking and food.

Prevent Click Fraud to Reduce Costs and Boost Dwell Time

Click fraud is an important issue which you need to tackle if you wish to push revenue. The amount of fraudulent clicks is slowly increasing.

Pixalate reports that one out of five background clicks was fraudulent throughout January 2017. But that number is rising. And the amount of fraudulent desktop clicks may be approximately one from three.

Image Resource: Pixalate

You may wind up losing thousands of dollars in advertising, and miss out on hundreds of possible sales in the event you fail to address click fraud problems. When conducting PPC campaignsand content entrepreneurs will need to find returns on ad spend. This means you will need to make certain that a vast majority wind up making a buy.

However, when you’re a victim of click fraud, you get individuals or bots with malicious intent clicking on your own ads. This means there’s really no chance for you to earn a sale. However, you’ll still be paying hundreds of dollars to get those clicks. Your competitors may be supporting all of the click fraud you’re experiencing.

The worst aspect is the your PPC campaign does not only impact; it may also have an effect on your natural search position. That’s because it affects your dwell time, that is the average amount of time individuals spend on your website.

There is a good chance none of them are going to spend quite a very long time on your website since all of the clicks caused by click fraud are bots or those who just destroy your advertising campaign. This means there’ll be low dwell time, and bounce rates despite a high CTR.

And according to Larry Kim, pages with low dwell time could lose their natural rankings. It’s starting to show that metrics like pages each session time onsite, and also bounce rate are becoming important aspects that affect a website’s ranking on Google.

Along with bringing in non-converting traffic to your website, click fraud can mess up your odds by dragging down your rankings of bringing traffic. This makes it vital to concentrate on your click fraud avoidance attempts when you’re running a PPC campaign.

I have been able to stop fraudulent clicks by employing ClickCease, that detects prospective donors and hides that your advertisement out of them so they will not be able to perpetrate click fraud. The tool helped me display ads to just viewers while tracking blacklisted IPs and proxy servers, as well as hosts.

The application comprises click fraud avoidance which gets hides ads and instantly to avoid any click frauds. I was able to help clients get their cash back for any fraudulent clicks using the application, which entails an AdWords refund agent automatically submitting a refund report in my behalf.

One more feature I liked is your in-built reporting, that gave me a crystal clear idea of where the marketing money is going, and I could further optimize PPC campaigns for my clients.


These are a few of the ways for content marketers to integrate their SEO and PPC efforts with a goal to drive more sales. So it is possible to convert them your integration attempts ought to be able to assist you in attracting the most relevant clients to your website.