This Fresh marketing tool write the post for you — The Blog Box or Could predict Participation

A rebranded startup is launching this week that an AI-powered social marketing tool that it says can raise engagement, and even compose the post.

Post Intelligence has been set in 2015 Arvind Sundararajan and by ex-Google execs Bindu Reddy. The business is rebranding under the new name, as it unveils a beta of its new smart social marketing program for Android and Web, known as Pi.

Pi tracks social tendencies and a user’s history of social posts to predict engagement (e.g., likes and shares), recommend content, learn everything works, and even generate articles.

The business stated it constructs a deep network for every user’s social networking feed to build custom models of participation prediction. The engagement is called as 0 to 10, with 0 showing participation, 5 a sum and 10 a boost.   Reddy boosted or explained that Pi can predict 85 percent of their time if engagement will likely be less , typical.