Acquisio: Infusing Online Adverstising with Machine Learning for Smarter Efforts

Attracting new customers and growing revenues are almost always top SMB goals–but achieving these goals is easier said than done. So I was interested in speaking with Beth Thouin, that is VP Marketing at Acquisio (part of Group, Inc.), a paid media martech supplier specializing in machine learning options, to find out how Acquisio can assist SMBs with the smallest budgets.

Laurie: Beth, can you start by giving me a small bit of corporate background roughly Acquisio?

Beth: Acquisio has existed for over a decade now, having evolved from a service that was sold, to grow into one of the largest non profit (PPC) platforms around the planet. We have several marketing products that are online, and we have embedded machine learning technology. We’re based in Montreal, also also have about 100 employees located across the globe. Acquisio was recently acquired by which means greater opportunity for our already award-winning business.

Laurie:  What are the particulars of the solutions that Acquiso supplies–that are they meant for, and what problems do they fix?

Beth: Acquisio affirms nearly every kind of paid advertising online from the seasoned marketer to those just starting, which I can break down.

We have solutions for campaign managers and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Lookup: We utilize our Acquisio platform to offer search advertising management technologies and solutions for AdWords and Bing, with sophisticated features like campaign cloning and cross-campaign budget supply. A number of the characteristics are the equipment learning bid and budget calculations. Our calculations have helped our customers achieve longer customer lifetime value (LTV) and reduce churn rates. This helps us get customers more clicks for money, as detailed at our latest Performance Report.
  • Social: We offer   social media advertising management and A/B testing on Facebook and Instagram through our Acquisio Social product. This product can be used by beginners, but seasoned Facebook marketers find the best results, because they know how to use the best phone to actions (CTA) test images and ad copy etc.. But the application does provide recommendations to marketers just getting started. The very best thing about Acquisio Social is being able to set up and launch countless ads easily in just minutes.
  • Display: The Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) is a managed service with a group of experts that make sure that your campaigns are successful through one-to-one client interaction and consideration tracking. Our group utilizes WhiteOps, a company that protects our customers and has access to a huge display inventory. Our display services give marketers access to channels such as eBay, Spotify or LinkedIn.

For campaign managers and beginner marketers, we offer:

  • Boost: An all-in-one automated Google AdWords marketing alternative for smaller businesses, Promote is one of our very loved products! It sets up ads, such as analysis, ad copy, landing pages and much more . The company proprietor does is fill in a quick form and they are immediately up and running Google. Boost takes the guesswork from PPC. We have many partners promoting market.
  • Acquisio Managed Services:  This is our latest addition to our merchandise and service household. Like a service within our system that is martech, our managed services team works directly with customers to support their PPC campaigns.

Here is a quick overview of how economy functions for ancient marketers and SMBs:

Laurie: How long does for people to learn to utilize the remedy, and to start getting results?   How much aid do people have to be successful?

Beth: The time it takes to get up and working with Acquisio is contingent on the product the individual is considering. In a matter of minutes, getting up and functioning can occur with a product such as Acquisio or Promote Social. With the Acquisio stage, the process can be anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours, as efforts are moved out of AdWords and Bing to our system, or as the system learning is configured on accounts, etc.. The same is true for display advertising services at the Acquisio Trading Desk. In the event we have committed Trial Success Managers that work with customers.

Laurie: What’s the pricing model just like for Acquisio alternatives?

Beth: Because we’ve got different product and service offers, pricing depends on which product someone is looking for. However, it’s essential to remember that Acquisio Social and machine learning optimization are included in all of those packages. Having no additional charges is a huge benefit for marketers.   Pricing for your Acquisio platform can be found online here.     Pricing for Promote can be found online here. For ATD solutions, marketers should get in touch to get a quote.

Laurie: What do you believe makes it different from competitive solutions within this area?

Beth: Acquisio was the first business to choose machine learning and use it to the little company problem in promotion. Traditionally tiny budgets couldn’t be optimized, the ROI just wasn’t there and it has been a barrier for SMBs. Consequently name brands have dominated the distance up until the last few decades. Products such as Promote are so distinctive from the PPC marketing space and that they’re gaining attention in partners. There are millions of small businesses who have not been in a position to compete with the large fish…until today! And we are really proud to be part of their own success and the journey. Aside from our small company solutions, our system learning algorithms’ sophistication makes us a unique and powerful player in the PPC business.

Laurie: What’s the best method to learn more and assess the alternative?

Beth: In case you’d like to learn more about Acquisio, please visit our site at . It is also possible to register for a demonstration with a number of our pros or start a free trial of this Acquisio platform. And, you may click here to sign up for our Promote product.

Source: Laurie McCabe’s Blog

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