Seo Kang Joon And Gong Seung Yeon Share Thoughts After Conclusion Of “Are You Human, Too”

Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon have talked about how they feel as “Are You Human, Too” has come to its end.

“Are You Human, Too” is about robot Namsin III who takes the place of his human counterpart, Nam Shin (both played by Seo Kang Joon), the heir to a conglomerate. He falls in love with Kang So Bong (played by Gong Seung Yeon), his bodyguard.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Seo Kang Joon talked about what it was like concluding filming for the pre-produced drama. He commented, “This is the last shoot. We’re done with the last filming. [Our drama] had sci-fi, politics, and even a sweet romance. Because it was a drama with a combination of a lot of genres, it was hard, and the staff members had a difficult time, as well. But thinking back on it as time has passed, I think I have grown a lot.”

With the conclusion of the “Are You Human, Too” broadcast, the two leads shared their thoughts via their agencies.

Seo Kang Joon stated, “Hello, this is Seo Kang Joon. I remember the first shoot where I was excited and scared to take on the dual roles as well as the unfamiliar subject of artificial intelligence. It feels a bit that it’s coming to an end as I think about the staff members and actors including myself putting in all of our strength together to create valuable scenes. Thank you to everyone who empathized with and loved ‘Are You Human, Too’ as well as the human Nam Shin and robot Namsin III. I will work hard to greet you as an actor who improves even further. Thank you.”

Gong Seung Yeon commented, “‘Are You Human, Too’ has ended after receiving lots of interest and love. As I was so happy filming from last summer to watching the show this summer, I’m a bit sad that it ended. As I send off ‘Are You Human, Too,’ I am going to miss So Bong, and I hope you will all miss her, too. Thank you to all the viewers who have watched ‘Are You Human, Too’ until now.”

“Are You Human, Too” aired its last episode on August 7 at 10 p.m. KST.

6 SEO Myths You Can Ignore

For many industrial companies, (SEO) is still shrouded in mystery. It’s understandable — the rules and “best practices” are ever-evolving, shifting constantly as new technologies and trends come and go. It’s no surprise, then, that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding .

SEO MythsSo, to shed some light on it and explore how to make it work for your company, here are common six myths about this digital marketing tactic you can put out of your mind right now.

  1. My Fabulous Content Trumps Your SEO Nonsense.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. In recent years, Google has been urging marketers to shift focus from SEO to content quality, but these two tactics feed directly into each other: Great content leads to better user interaction on your site, which, in turn, improves your SEO positioning.

And superior can actually drive more traffic to your content in the first place, ensuring it has the audience it needs to serve as a truly valuable marketing tool. So if you’re looking to drive quality traffic to your site and expand brand awareness, it’s critical to create top-notch content backed by a solid, well-thought-out .

  1. Keywords Are The Holy Grail Of SEO.

Keywords are important. When people think of SEO, they think of keywords. They stuff their blogs and web pages with keywords, cramming in as many as possible. Yes, keywords are a critical element, but they’re just one part of your SEO toolbox.

Not only are too many keywords annoying and distracting from the core of your content, they’re also playing a much smaller role than they used to. Google has gotten better at recognizing context, so related topics and synonyms — not just the same keyword over and over — now count toward your SEO ranking, allowing you to pop up in searches that aren’t an exact match. That means you no longer have to stuff your content with keywords for the sake of search engines, and can write in a more natural, engaging style.

In the past, companies would create one-off versions of all of their web pages in order to target specific keywords. Today, though, quality counts for more than quantity. Only create new pages if doing so will add real value for your visitors, providing them with directly useful information, tips, or troubleshooting.

Use your blog to add fresh content regularly, target new keywords to keep up with shifting trends and any new product or services you’re offering, and always aim to provide real value to your readers.

  1. Pictures Don’t Count.

Oh, but they do. As it’s evolved, SEO has become about more than just words on the page. Images now present a prime opportunity for boosting rankings. Want to know a quick, easy way to raise your ranking? Give your images ; since users can search for images, these file names and tags can be very helpful to your overall SEO strategy. Plus, image-driven SEO for manufacturing companies can work especially well when using images of widgets.

  1. Responsive Design Is Irrelevant.

False. is paramount in today’s increasingly connected, digital world. In fact, a non-mobile friendly site design can seriously damage your SEO ranking. As internet users turn more to their smartphones and other mobile devices and less to their actual computers, search engines are doing what makes the most sense: prioritizing mobile experiences.

This means that your website’s mobile face is as important, or even more important, than its desktop face, so make sure your design is optimized for all types of devices. Whether visitors are using a tablet or a desktop computer, your website should be intuitive, engaging, and easy to use.

  1. My IT Team Has This SEO Thing Under Control.

No offense to your IT team, but that’s probably not true. While your IT department may be amazing at a lot of things, SEO likely isn’t one of them. That’s because SEO is a completely separate discipline, calling for a completely different skillset and specific type of training. So don’t put SEO on your IT team; they have enough to do as it is.

Need some help getting your SEO off the ground, or just looking for ways to bolster the strategy you already have in place? Our industrial marketing experts at are here help. Contact us today to learn more.

Dealer Owners: What is SEO and How Can You Harness Its Power to Increase Car Sales?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept you may have heard your marketing team discuss or throw around. As a dealership owner, you have a lot on your plate, so it makes sense you may have left this for your marketing team to deal with. However, it is critical that you as well as your other functional departments understand its importance and how you can work with your marketing team to harness and utilize its power. Before we get into the actual steps of how to use SEO, let’s first discuss what it is and how it works.

What is SEO? According to Moz, SEO is “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” In layman’s terms, SEO is the practice of making your website visible on search engines sites like Google for customers to visit. This action typically happens through the keywords you use on your website. For instance, a search engine like Google has virtual bots called crawlers that go out onto the internet to gather information on the various type of content.

The bots then bring all the data back to build a virtual index of all the topics on the internet. The index is then delivered through a code or algorithm that matches all the data with a customer’s search.

The Optimization component of SEO is what marketers have control over. Optimizing your website to be found on search engines can happen by using relevant keywords in your title tags meta descriptions, and content. Your usage of terms that relate to your car dealership can help you show up a lot sooner on search engines when customers are searching for you.

SEO’s Importance to Bringing in Sales

SEO rules can be applied to a lot of different search engines, but Google is the largest in this sphere, so their standards are the ones most marketers follow. To increase your rankings on search engines, Google advises you to:

  • Include contact information to establish credibility.
  • Routinely add new content.
  • Obtain inbound links.
  • Use header and alt tags.
  • Add relevant keywords throughout your web content and blogs.

These tactics not only tell Google you are an established dealership that should be included on search engines, but they also say the same things to consumers, making them more likely to visit your site and set in motion the purchasing process. The goal is to put yourself in front of as many customers as possible, and there is no better place to do this than creating your own real estate on the internet. Take a look at these stats from AutoTrader’s 2016 Car Buyer Journey Study:

  • Car buyers spend an average of 14 hours searching for vehicles during the purchasing process.
  • 78 percent of car buyers use third-party sites to research vehicles and 57 percent visit dealership sites.
  • 71 percent of car buyers are researching car prices online.

Customers are carrying out much of the car buying process online, and SEO can help you ensure your website is highly ranked for them to see it.

Who Needs to Know How This Works?

While your marketing team needs to know the technical ins and outs of how SEO works, it is vital that any department that has interactions with customers understand how SEO works. For example, the F&I department may contribute copy for the marketing team to use on the website.

However, this copy may not be optimized for search engine ranking. Are F&I staff paying attention to keywords that relate to F&I products? Is the content organized in a way that is easy for customers to read and digest? Do they use additional content like videos or photos to set themselves apart from other dealerships? You can apply these questions to many of the other functional departments within your business. When your marketing team receives website copy, it needs to help your site rank for specific keywords.

The Benefits of SEO for your Dealership

By tailoring your content to be SEO-friendly, you are not only making it easy for customers to find you, but you are also producing engaging and easy-to-read content:

  • Putting together short and concise blog posts that help your customers in their car buying efforts.
  • It will prompt you to encourage other sites to list your dealership to increase the amount of referral traffic you get.
  • It is more affordable to implement SEO practices then run paid ads. In turn, this will likely lead to a better ROI.
  • Your dealership is likely in a better position to perform against your competitors.
  • Your site will probably be easier to navigate.
  • You can increase your reputation among customers.

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits of implementing SEO. Understanding how important it is for your online presence is essential. Your website is a critical piece of marketing, and if no one can see it, then it will be challenging to use it to push conversions. So, next time you hear your marketing team discussing SEO, take a moment to sit with them and tell them what you know. Ask if you can help contribute any content that will make it more personalized and attractive to your customers. Implementing SEO is not an overnight fix, but if you and your team keep with it, you may soon find yourself outranking the competition.

Sources: Go Fish Digital, Autotrader, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Titan Growth, Moz

Four Main Reasons Why SEO Is Here To Stay

Since the inception of SEO, it only seems like SEO is growing bigger and popular. Every business, small and big, experts and new internet users are running towards the latest SEO tricks. As Serpbook will tell you, SEO has a massive impact on how accessible your site is to search engines.

What makes SEO worth all the attention?

SEO values audiences

As a rule of thumb, customers are always right, isn’t it so? Your customers are the number one priority as a business, and as a website owner, audiences should be your priority. SEO best practices are angled to give the best value to people.

People want to find a significant value exchange for the time they spend online. People are looking for knowledge to consume and relationships to build on. They want to feel important, which is why audience engagement is a crucial part of SEO best practice.

Tactics that boost user experience like page speed, website design, web page navigability, readability, among others, are valued as SEO practices by experts and search engines. Google, for instance, is one of the search engines that has a high liking for websites with proper user experienced. What more could you want than to make your audience happy and rank for it? This is why SEO is not about to fade away and be forgotten.

Social media is all the craze

Social media is such a powerful digital marketing strategy that grew from a relational platform; every new internet user first uses the internet for social media. This way, it has become impossible to sideline the essence of optimisation to befit the social media audience. Many people are queuing on social media platforms to find information, which then redirects them to a website.

Since SEO involves the use of social media, it is unlikely that SEO will die any time soon. People need to be able to find you without strain, and site optimisation is the grounding factor to consider.

Domain authority and competitions

Websites are sprouting every day. Therefore, there is so much content to consume online. The problem is, there is a shared market that every website owner seeks to target. In your industry, several brands are offering solutions, even in your specific niche.

Your competitors are doing better than you because they have already embraced SEO, which could only mean that if you are not doing it, people might never get to know you. Building your domain authority online is just a headline story unless you in SEO, specifically, link-building.

Changing dynamics

Have you noticed that nothing is ever the same? Every year, technology changes. Developers are inventing newer ways of doing things, and the internet space is changing, not to mention the population growth. Today, the internet is not just for the young, which means there is virtually an audience for all types of products.

Since the world has gone digital, website owners need to figure out a way to remain relevant to their target audience, and because SEO is the route to follow, it can only grow more prominent.

Whether you embrace it or not, SEO is here to stay. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you step up your game to make an impact in your industry.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market Development, Market Trends, Key Driven Factors, Segmentation and Forecast To 2025 – Chronicle India

Report gives vital information related to the overall market and price forecast over a seven-year period, from 2018 to 2025. In this bit, the specialists have offered fundamental figures which relates to the production and consumption forecast for the major regions that the market is categorised into, production forecast by type, and consumption forecast by application.

Global Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software market is a growing market in Services sector at present years. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software has covered rapid development in the current and past years and is probably going to proceed with a continuing development in the upcoming years.”

Top Key Players of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market: WordStream, Moz, SEO Book, LinkResearchTools, SpyFu, SEMrush, AWR Cloud,, Searchmetrics Essentials, Ahrefs, Ahrefs, DeepCrawl, Majestic.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market report exhibits the detail investigation of the parent market based on leading players, present, past and modern information which will fill in as a productive guide for all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software business contenders.

With thorough market segment in terms of different Countries, this report divides the market into a few key countries, with sales (consumption), revenue, market share, and growth rate of the market in these countries over the forecast period 2018-2025.

Geographical Segmentation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market: United States, EU, Japan, China, India, Southeast Asia.

Major Classifications are as follows:  
Business Hotel
Suite Hotel
Airport Hotel.

Major Application are as follows:
Application2 & more.

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The Report features key market flow of division. Various definitions and classification of the industry, applications of the industry and chain structure are given. The present market situation and prospects of the sector also have been examined. Additionally, prime strategical activities in the market, which includes product developments, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, etc., are discussed.

Some TOC points of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market Report:

  • Market size & shares
  • Market trends and dynamics
  • Market Drivers and Opportunities
  • Competitive landscape
  • Supply and demand
  • Technological inventions in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software industry
  • Marketing Channel Development Trend
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Software Market Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Target Client

Price of Report: $3300 (Single User)

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What is Keratin Lash Lift?

Lash lifts are very secure when given by experienced as well as proficient professionals. So you need to have a lift followed by means of a tint. If you would certainly such as a lash lift this is where to go. Yumi Lash Lift works two times along with initial eyelash perming and lasts two times as long! Lash lifting is a significant option for individuals who do not want to have lash expansions and is acceptable for both women and men. Everybody varies, we naturally shed 2-4 eyelashes on a daily basis. Check out site to get better lash lift training.

The second finest point would need to be the rate. The expense is fantastic and also the service is remarkable. The items made use of in lash lifts do not touch the epidermis, nevertheless, must you establish a reaction or sensitivity to lash lifting goods, you might not be allowed to look after it together with antihistamines. You also do not need to be concerned regarding oil items as well as can utilize mascara if you’re not prepared to provide this up.

You’ll see a prompt glow to your skin as well as it’ll continue to boost over a future couple of weeks. Tinting is additionally a convenient lash-darkening selection for contact lens users along with the ones with an eye-makeup level of sensitivity. The colour is consequently related to creating certain every lash shows up. Just bear in mind it lasts regarding three weeks.

You have the ability to fill your lashes with Volume on the following check out! Lashes can be changed to gain a dramatic impact and improve the eyes. Thankful Lash now supplies a substantial variety of Glad Lash tinting items. To be able to remain to keep your lashes looking complete, you’ll need to take appropriate in the house treatment and timetable according to your regular eyelash cycle. The lashes must drop uniformly and also will not look weird. Your customer’s lashes will stay crinkled for about 6-8 weeks.

It is a wholly all-natural, very reduced maintenance treatment with instant end results. It’s an exceptional choice for customer’s who do not want to have the maintenance of eyelash expansions, and also this extra service will open your business to a broader variety of clientele.

It’s feasible to duplicate the therapy after a minimum of a single month if you believe you will require to, or you are able to wait till they are back to their normal state. Most lash-enhancing treatments are still not FDA-approved. This new lash therapy provides the appearance of longer thicker lashes with no false enhancements. This unique lash lift treatment uses brand-new advancements depending on the improvement of the pure framework of each cilium.

eyelash extensions near me

The process takes 45 minutes, which enhances the appearance of your new Lashes. It is totally painless. Your lash procedure will certainly be accomplished with miraculous treatment and also proper technique. The process was quick and very easy. The detailed process takes concerning one hour, start to complete. The treatment takes about one hr. The eyelash lift procedure is simple and produces spectacular outcomes.

Lash tinting is commonly made use of along with lash lifting, though it can be done on its own, and also completely dims the colour of the organic lashes. The improvement is typically as gentle or WOW! There aren’t any kind of limitations because there are with lash expansions. It’s such an outstanding alternative to lash expansions, and also a lot much more low-maintenance! Plus the included lash colour makes a mascara-style result, which implies that your lashes are excellent from the immediate you awaken.

To find a YumiLashes expert locally who can provide you with the keratin lash lift, see The Hbst keratin Lash Lift Fullerton is simply among the easiest as well as quickest ways to lighten up and also lift your whole face.

Excellent hygiene and also attention should certainly be taken at home to stop loss or infection. No upkeep is required. The solution can be found in Studio or throughout DFW and also various locations. If you’re dedicated to providing professional and also extremely tailored lash solutions, offering Dreamlash Lift will sustain your objectives in achieving the maximum degree of fulfilment from your customers. Additionally, there’s nail service offered at the specific place so it is possible to get your nails done also. Our service technicians will make a layout customized specifically to match your beautiful eyes!

The Lash Lift Kit is a wonderful brand-new solution that you have the ability to increase the food selection of solutions which you supply. When you register for the absolutely totally free online lash lift course a kit is going to be mailed to you. The Lash Things perm package enables you to perm 2 one-of-a-kind kinds of curls. A lot of various other perm kits only make it feasible for you to perm one particular type of curl.

HigherVisibility Releases E-Commerce SEO Guide

Digital Marketing company HigherVisibility releases a new guide to e-commerce SEO for businesses and entrepreneurs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (PRWEB) August 16, 2018

HigherVisibility announced Thursday the release of a comprehensive e-commerce SEO guide to help businesses attract more customers and increase their online sales. In the article, Managing Partner Adam Heitzman describes the best practices for businesses to grow their e-commerce sales.

“Optimizing for e-commerce is extremely important because studies are showing us a change in user behavior,” Heitzman said. “When people look for goods online, they’re becoming much more likely to start with a Google search.”

Optimizing for e-commerce begins with many of the usual SEO staples: optimizing title tags, meta data, and choosing keywords that a business can realistically rank for. However, the guide also covers topics that will convert search traffic into customers. For example, schema markups increase clickthrough rates and proper page layout can retain customers throughout the buying process.

“We think it’s a crucial part of learning these sorts of strategies – seeing them in action,” Heitzman said. “That is why we’ve also included real world examples in our e-commerce guide, to show how successful companies have put these practices to work.”

HigherVisibility’s E-Commerce SEO Guide can be found on their blog.

About HigherVisibility:

HigherVisibility is a digital marketing agency based in Memphis, Tenn. that provides services in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing to small businesses and Fortune 1000s alike. HigherVisibility was named Search Engine Land’s SEO Agency of the Year in 2017 and works with clients across the United States.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: