Pen Testing UK Companies

If you are looking to confirm the security of your company’s website or network, then it makes sense to find a pen testing uk specialist that can help you with basic investigations into your website.

Pen testing UK companies rminfosec will run thorough tests and audits on your website, and explore any vulnerabilities that could be an issue for your network or your website. They will look for known issues with any services you are running and test for basic issues such as SQL injection, XSS and other flaws in code. They can do this without having to see the code for the website or get closer to your network.You can visit on their site for more information about system security.

They can also do internal testing to confirm that all of the services on your network are up to date, and they can audit your passwords, and even do some social engineering to see if your employees are well trained in basic security protocols.

All of this is important day to day work that can help you to avoid vulnerabilities and ensure optimal performance for your site.

There are many companies that do pen testing, and there are freelance workers that will run security audits as well. You can find ethical hackers that will test your site and report vulnerabilities to you, and these can be a boon for bigger companies that have a lot of Internet-facing machines to worry about.

These days, if you maintain your network well, you don’t have to worry about the day to day services. Most vulnerabilities will be patched just by you installing the common security updates as soon as they come out. Your biggest weakness is probably going to be badly configured servers or employees who are lazy or two trusting – the human element is all too often the weakest link in your network.