How Long Should Your Video Be?

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The Long Should Your Next Video Be?


When making a video for your business it can be hard to determine what to put in and what to leave out. This infographic out of looks at how you can find the ideal length for the next video and even breaks it down by industry. The essential point is that 56 percent of movies published in the last year are under two minutes therefore overstuffing your video is going to lead to viewers shifting off.

The truth is that videos briefer than two minutes possess the ideal engagement amounts and following that attention spans begin to dwindle. Company videos should concentrate on one key point and get folks to proceed to another step in the process. There’s absolutely not any requirement to outline each and every part of your product/company therefore that it’s good to leave a few things to the creativity and render customers starving to learn more.

Watch the entire infographic today and find out about how your clients participate with video content. Keep them short and they can have a massive effects!

Andre Bourque (SocialMarketingFella) is Editor Emeritus of Technorati.

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