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Inside this week’s newest and biggest online advertising and marketing information, content entrepreneurs talk about the use of SEO, the SEO and research neighborhood discuss linking strategies and notice a kinder, gentler Panda roll-out, whereas sociable media entrepreneurs discuss strategy and influence.

Enjoy this week’s selections!

Content Marketing

Lee Odden is featured with “Chicken or the Egg?   Lee Odden on SEO Content Creation” at OpenView Labs.

At the very first of a blog collection, Heather Lloyd-Martin posts “The search engine optimization content revolution is here. Are you ready?” At SEO Copywriting.

Uri Bar-Joseph posts “Google, Social & Content Marketing: Can We Measure Quality & Qualify Quantity?” At Search Engine View.

Avinash Kaushik posts “See, Think, Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework” at Occam’s Razor.

Neil Patel shares “3 Fast Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts” at Fast Sprout.

Lyndon Antcliff discusses “Why Linkbait and Content Marketing are Fundamentally the Exact Same thing” at Cornwall SEO.

Mark Schaefer posts a video meeting, “Intense content marketing with Julien Smith,” at grow.

Danny Brown’s Most Current Sunday Share includes SAP’s Michael Brenner’s “8 Steps to Construct Your Own Content Hub.”

Lee Odden shares “Essential Q and A on SEO & Content Marketing for Small Businesses” at TopRank.

Marketing Charts posts “Local Merchants Overwhelmed by the Collection of Available Digital Marketing Channels.”

Citing a new Conductor analysis, Nathan Safran shares “5 Statistics Insights to the Headlines Readers Click” at Moz.

Ayaz Nanji posts “The Most (and Least) Effective Search Phrases in Email Subject Lines” at MarketingProfs.

Joshua Giardino posts “The Behavioral Psychology Behind Bold Creative” at iAcquire.

Video Fruit’s Bryan Harris posts a video, “How Do Colors Affect Purchases?” At KISSmetrics.

Rachel McCombie shares “50 Great Content Ideas + Examples — part 1” at SEOptimise.

Katie L. Fetting shares “7.5 Tips to Becoming a Brainstorming Geniius” at Portent.

Gregory Ciotti posts “Best Practices at Conversion Rate Optimization Debunked” at Unbounce.

Discussing conversions, Heather Lloyd-Martin posts “Is your about us page a real yawner?” At SEO Copywriting.

Thibaut Davoult posts “I Your Industry Boring? Use Instagram to Create Your Organization Stand Out” at YouMoz.

Ardi Kolah discusses “Why Marketers Will Need to Practice Active Listening” at Vocus.

SEO MOmma shares tools for discovering trending content topics with “Content Creation and Curated Content.”

Pawan Deshpande posts “5 Tips Each Content Curator Needs to Write Better Calls-to-Action” at Content Advertising Institute.

Robi Ganguly discusses “Mobile App Marketing, App Retention, and Building Actual Customer Relationships” at Moz.

Cezary Tietrzak discusses “iOS 7 Implications for Marketers” at ClickZ.


  • BtoB is holding Digital Edge LIVE October 23rd at New York City.

(John Hall lists numerous excellent conferences for online marketers, companies, and entrepreneurs at Forbes).

SEO & Search

Barry Schwartz reports “Google Confirms Panda Update Is Rolling Outside: This One Is More ‘Finely Targeted”’ at Search Engine Land.

Schwartz also posts “2013: The Year In Google SEO So Far” at Advertising Land.

Daniel Cristo posts “SEO: The Future of Search Results” at Search Engine Journal.

Matt McGee accounts “Google Agrees To Settle Lawsuit Over Death Search Queries To Third Parties” at Search Engine Land.

Richard Baxter posts “We Must Not Care About PageRank” at SEO Gadget.

Citing a current Matt Cutts’ (Google Webmaster Assist) video, Barry Schwartz reports “Google’s Matt Cutts: Linking 20 Domains Together Probably A ‘Cross Linking Scheme”’ at Search Engine Land.

Google discusses exactly what it believes to be “Link schemes” at its Webmaster Tools Assist page.

Simon Heseltine posts “Google Webmaster Tools: A Summary” at Search Engine View.

Ann Smarty is featured with “About SEO & guest blogging: A smart discussion with Ann Smarty” at SEO Copywriting.

Jon Ball posts “Link Building begins with Research and Research is Nothing Without a Person Brain” at Search Engine Journal.

Jason Acidre shares “22 Link Building Tips from @xightph” at KaisertheSage.

Jim Boykin posts “New Free Tool, the Google Backlink Checker Tool to get Penguin & Disavow Evaluation” at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Kaila Strong shares “Post Panda & Penguin Recovery Tips to eCommerce Sites” at Vertical Measures.

Tom Schmitz takes us on “A Deep Dive Into Google’s Image Carousel And Knowledge Graph Results” at Search Engine Land.

Hardy Desai discusses “Getting Your Site Ready for The Knowledge Graph” at Search Engine Journal.

Thom Craver posts “Bing Autosuggest Expands to Carry on Instant Search, Knowledge Graph At One Fell Swoop” at Search Engine View.

David Amerland discusses “How ‘Social’ and ‘Semantic’ Move Hand-In-Hand” at Social Media Today.

Martin MacDonald posts “SEO is not dead, it only acquired a sibling” at his blog.

John Lincoln discusses “How Voice Search Is Changing SEO” at Search Engine Journal.

Thom Craver posts “Google Analytics Revolutionizes Advanced Segments” at Search Engine View.

Gemma Holloway posts “Universal Analytics and Cookies — The Total Guide” at Koozai.

Kristine Schachinger posts “SEO Cheat Sheet: 15 Common Oversights Located During Site Audits” at Search Engine View.

EMarketer posts “Getting the Most ROI From SEO.”

Ken Lyons discusses “How to Increase Conversions to Your Best (and Worst) Performing key words in 6 Measures” at Search Engine View.

Kristina Kledzik posts “The SEO’s Guide to Building a Great Mobile Site” at Moz.

Matthew Young posts “The Good, the Bad, and the Mobile: SEO Tips to Your Mobile Site Right Now” at Bruce Clay, Inc.

Chris Liversidge posts “Use Google’s Image & Mobile Optimisation Guidelines For SEO Advantage” at Search Engine Land.

Rebecca Murtagh discusses “Integrating Owned, Earned & Paid Media For Better SEO” at Search Engine View.

Barry Schwartz reports “Google: Authorship Bug Affects ‘ Few Websites,’ Actively Working On A Fix” at Search Engine Land.

Bill Sebald shares “Google+ SEO Tips For Your Regional Business Owner” at Greenlane SEO.

Citing recent comScore information, Jessica Lee reports “Bing Grows Hunt Market Share — at Yahoo’s Expense, Not Google’s” at Search Engine View.

Larry Kim posts “Has the AdWords Enhanced Campaign Apocalypse Been Cancelled?” At Search Engine Journal.


Social Media Marketing

Amy Gesenhues accounts “Social Media Use Growing Among Fortune 500 Listing With 77 percent Tweeting & 70% On Facebook” at Advertising Land.

Brian Solis posts “It is time for social media to develop” at Venture Conquer.

Jason Cormier posts “Social Media Competitive Evaluation: A Lesson from the Fashion Industry” at Search Engine View.

Annie Cushing discusses “LinkedIn’s Most Glaring Deficiencies And How To Get About Them” at Annielytics.

Rachel Kavanagh posts “PPC for LinkedIn, What is the Difference?” At Marketo.

Christian Karasiewicz discusses “17 Ways Advertisers Could Affect Facebook Graph Look” at Social Media Examiner.

Jennifer Horowitz posts “Banish The Boring: 12 Tips To Get Fan Pages” at Degree 343.

Merry Morud discusses “How To Setup New Facebook Reports” at Search Engine View.

Nicolette Beard posts “Social Media Strategy: Where to Start & Why” at TopRank.

“New Magazine in Social Media Examiner” News Social Media Examiner’s yearly information.

Danny Brown discusses “The Future of Social Conversations.”

Jon Morris posts “Influencing Social Awesomizers with Personalized Content” at Moz.

Stacey Miller discusses “Four Social Media Metrics Worth Measuring” at PRWeb.

Greg Jarboe accounts “Video Ad Views Surge to Record 20 Billion in June” at Search Engine View.

Carla Marshall posts “Track Your Best Videos With New YouTube Analytics Feature” at ReelSEO.


  • Social Fresh West 2013 will return to San Diego August 22nd along with 23rd.

(For an all-in-one listing and description of how social networking, content & inbound marketing and advertising occasions, check out Neal Schaffer’s “The 12 Greatest Social Media Conferences to Participate in 2013” at Social Media Today.)

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