SEO vs. PPC: Which is the best search engine marketing alternative?

The search engine is the advertising medium for many marketers. Search engines are the ideal place to advertise your merchandise not because it is the only marketing medium on the market.

In the end, we have advertising mediums that are online such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn along with the rest.   However, what makes search engine promotion better than all other types of marketing is they are similar to other types of marketing in which you attempt to catch the interest of the audience.

The audience is actually the one searching for your goods or services when they’re in need of it.   This means is that search engine leads converts better and more to sales since they are motivated or prepared to make a buy.

As most of us know there are only two means of making it into the first page of search engine outcome.   You pay for it with Google PPC or you also operate your website up there through successful SEO.

Having completed real estate PPC and SEO direction for real estate agents, I’ve come across so many realtors asking me that one of the two they ought to focus on.   So here I am going to tell you that of the two search engine marketing option you should focus budget or your strength on.


Search engine marketing differs from other types of marketing in the audience is the one when they’re in the demand for it, searching for the item or services. (Supply)

PPC is for novices

You heard me right. PPC is for novices. The thing you should do is begin with SEO if you simply started promoting a good or service on line.

I am not saying that you should not perform internal marketing. Internal optimization is a must for many marketers both new and old.   However, what I discourage young electronic marketers from is constructing their nest on SEO by pursuing Links there and here or employing a professional search engine optimization expert.

The first thing I encourage newcomers to do is to use PPC to create revenue and leads and then they can use a portion of their money gotten from sales to fund their search engine optimization campaign following the sales are coming in on a regular basis.

SEO takes time

You are currently looking at SEO, then my friend and if you’re seeking a method to get started generating leads and revenue you’re in for a heartbreak.

SEO is unpredictable. You can’t tell the specific time it will begin to yield success. However, with PPC, you should begin ripping effect instantly.

Depending on how competitive your niche is, it can require perhaps or three to six months per year for you to maintain the first page in Google result pages.   That fit can only be reached if your search engine optimization service is knowledgeable and flexible in SEO.

So, when you can do that using PPC why waste time and money waiting to suck on the Google juice.

Another reason why I request until they are rewarding new electronic marketers to stay clear and also make use of PPC is because of impatience.   It is hard for electronic marketers that are new to spend money and wait for like three to six months before making a profit.

Because of this fact, new electronic marketers tend to demand effect or make unrealistic demands. In worst case scenario, they will demand a refund asserting nothing is being done by their search engine optimization service.

My final verdict

Promoting solutions along with being a marketer myself, I made the mistake of selecting a real estate SEO specialist to help prospects are generated by me in my days instead of devoting that money.

I paid for that and after three months I was not able to break to page 1 of Google, however I was able to allow it into position on search.   I understood the search engine optimization company was my pocket that was not enough.

Well after three months of using this search engine optimization company, I ran to continue together. I only was able to cover for one additional month, and I stopped because I ran out of money.

My regrets

My regrets were that I might have used that money to PPC first. I’d have had enough money to hire the search engine optimization business and operate it before I hit the top place on SERP if the sales begin coming from PPC always.

So, if you’re new to selling services or goods online, my final verdict is, your only option is PPC.   SEO should be left.

Can you share the identical opinion? Which would you think marketers selling digital goods or solutions should focus on?

DISCLAIMER: This report expresses my own thoughts and opinions. Any advice I’ve shared are that I think to be more reliable and accurate. I did not receive any compensation nor do I have any shares in any business I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their diligent research first before making any investment decisions.